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  • 03/22/06: Non-PeeJ videos: Pervert Patrol Confrontations

    Right now each of the 51 arrested predators from the Riverside County sting are sifting through the court system. Some of them have already pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing. Because of that, their court dates are known... meaning that citizens of Riverside County know when and where they're going to be. Two such citizens have a blog entitled "Pervert Patrol" which you can find at the following link: Pervert Patrol

    Now, we as a site don't encourage anyone to confront these types of individuals on their own. Our volunteers are instructed not to do the kinds of things that are in the following videos... however, these two did a great job on the footage and it's awesome to see Riverside parents stepping up to increase the pressure on these predators. These confrontation videos were not filmed by us but they are definitely worth watching, we highly recommend the ten minute confrontation video of four different Riverside predators. Nice work on the footage and the reminder to these guys that Riverside parents are enraged by the actions of these predators. Too old for Corey, indeed!

  • 03/12/06: Ten year sentence for Virginia ex-Boy's coach

    While stories of judges being too lenient on sex predators make good copy, the vast majority of judge's "get it." One of those judges is Virginian Circuit Court Judge Patricia L. West. She presided over the case of Kenneth Crowder, an ex-boy's athletic coach who solicited contributor Jay Alternative for sex. We were disappointed when Crowder only received a year for the child pornography charges against him in Suffolk County, but Virginia Beach still had a sentencing to come.

    Trying a "Please give me treatment rather than jail" approach, the wormy Crowder who earlier denied all charges received a stern wake-up call from Judge West. Sentencing Crowder to ten years in jail, Judge West provided a great example for judges across the nation. These men are not "merely chatting", they are actively plotting to molest children. Patricia West gave the kind of sentence that such crimes deserve. With men like Crowder, the words of the judge are 100% correct, the risk is truly simply too great. Crowder's conversations were explicit and disturbing, especially in light of his profession.

    Kudos to Virginia Beach Judge West and our readers from that area should make sure to work to keep such a stellar example of proper sentencing on the bench where her Honor belongs.

  • 03/06/06: New Feature: PeeJ Software Challenge

    One of our major goals for 2006 was to release more always-free content designed to educate parents and teens alike. Augmenting our Guide for Parents and First-Time Visitors has been a priority for us all year long. Knowing that we have received countless requests from parents regarding the differences between various software programs, we devised the "PeeJ Software Challenge" towards any software presenting itself as a valuable tool for parents.

    The first company to take the challenge thus far is PCPandora, a company that produces the PCPandora software. We have released our new section for these reviews as well as the in-depth review of PCPandora at this link, click here. PCPandora has also supplied us with a number of free product keys for a special giveaway. If you like the sound of the program from our in-depth review, register for our Forums and email with the name of your forum account and why you need a key.

    We challenge other companies to put their software to the PeeJ test, 100% honest and no charge. We urge parents to keep checking this area and the software challenge review page as we have already fielded requests from other companies who have stepped up to take our challenge, so new reviews will be posted soon.

  • 03/03/06: All about our successful Laguna Beach GLEB Sting

    On February 18th, 2006, we partnered with the awesome Laguna Beach police department in order to conduct a Group Law Enforcement Bust operation. In a mere eleven hours, thirteen predators arrived thinking that they would be having sex with a 12 or 13 year old female. In truth, they were speaking with our contributors and would soon be headed to jail.

    We have released portions of three chat-logs with predators who arrived at the Laguna Beach PeeJ/Police sting on February 18th. The three predators spotlighted are Robert Alarcia, Benjamin Taul and Stephen R. Deck. We have taken portions of the logs and highlighted the different techniques each used and the disgusting conversations each had. Parents should especially read the extensive portions of the Deck chat-logs as they are a textbook example of a smooth, practiced, internet groomer. Read our press release at this link.

    Of course, full logs of all thirteen men will be posted at the conclusion of court cases against them. This sting saw men from all walks of life arrive to be arrested, from a Starbucks employee all the way up to a lieutenant in the California Highway Patrol. Read the Orange County DA's press release here where more details are given by Orange County D.A. Tony Rackauckas. 13 men in one night is the fourth time in a little over a month where we have set a new national standard for the amount of predators arrested in one night in one county. Prior to our stings in Riverside and Laguna Beach, the record was five... a record we have more than doubled each night in the four nights we have worked large-scale stings with law enforcement in California.

    We thank the fine men and women of the Laguna Beach law enforcement community for their professionalism and dedication to creating an unsafe atmosphere for internet predators in California.

  • 02/06/06: Software developers, take the PeeJ Challenge

    It seems like everyday that we get requests from software developers to advertise their products. Now, we could just "take the money and run" like so many other organizations out there, but that wouldn't really be keeping in line with how we do things. So we've come up with a special challenge that we are calling the PeeJ Software Challenge. For you companies out there and you developers, if you want to get great advertising from us, you don't have to pay for it... You simply have to prove that you're worth the recommendation. Site contributor and Parent "Maxwell" who was in the house during our most recent Dateline special has agreed to put each piece of software that agrees to the test.

    She will configure the software using any manuals and on-screen prompts. Her teenage daughter will then attempt to do her best to get around the software in order to access whatever it is that the program is trying to block. This is, after all, what teens do when parents buy parental software programs. Max and her daughter will file a detailed report from each perspective that will be published on the website with a pass/fail grading system. We will detail what kinds of changes need to be made, if any are found. This will give our readers an accurate view of what software they should be considering and where failings can be found in the various types of software offered.

    No checks cut, no commission needed. Just prove it by answering our challenge. We take internet predators seriously, we're the largest anti-pedophile website online, the most aggressive organization you will find. We take recommendations to our readers as seriously as we do exposing predators. So stop emailing us advertisement schemes and instead offer up one copy of your product to take our challenge. In order to contact us for this, please write Max at to make the necessary arrangements.

  • 01/14/06: Incompetent Vermont Judge Ruling Creates Outrage

    Mark Hulett, age 34 from Williston (Vermont) was recently found guilty of the heinous crime of serially raping a 6 year old for a period of 4 years. Facing 20 years in prison, Hulett dodged the bullet when Judge Edward Cashman gave him a ludicrous sentence of a mere 60 days in jail.

    Unrepentant, Judge Cashman has stood by the verdict, claiming that pedophiles are sufferers of a "disease" and that the treatment aspect of Hulett's sentence is more important than the jailtime. "It doesn't make anything better. It costs us a lot of money." said Judge Cashman on the subject of a long-term sentence to the understandably upset family of the child victim. Join us and our friends the CPIU in a Call2Action to get this lunatic judge removed, and demand he issue a public apology to both the family and the victim. The CPIU has compiled a pretty detailed summary of the events, as well as a list of who to contact, right here.

  • 01/11/06: Miguel Miranda tracked down in Oklahoma & Update on Jleno9

    Miguel Miranda, who last year showed up at the TMJ4/PeeJ "bust house" has been found in Oklahoma. Facing charges in Wakeusha County, Miranda fled Wisconsin once he found out that a warrant was issued for his arrest. He now faces extradition back to Wisconsin to answer for his crime. Related news story regarding his capture.

    Elsewhere in on-going cases, the Chicago Tribune covered the latest developments in the 2003 Jleno9 case. His lawyers tried to get the case tossed because, in their words, "Leonard didn't go far enough." The judge disagreed, the indictment against Leonard was upheld. So of course, the defense now changes their claim to that it wasn't Leonard to begin with. Very logical.

  • 12/22/05: John McCormick meets PeeJ and Police

    What we do with Dateline NBC and other media outlets are only a portion of what we do, we're constantly working all year. On December 14th, a Phoenix, Arizona man arrived at a McDonalds to meet what he thought was a thirteen year old female. Instead, he got the "pleasure" of being arrested by Henderson, Nevada detectives who had tailed him the entire way. John McCormick is now going to be facing charges for solicitation. The Henderson police have shipped out a press release detailing the case. We're very happy to have worked with them to get this important arrest, the detectives were very professional and proactive.

  • 12/10/05: Robert Nebens meets PeeJ and police

    Yesterday Robert Nebens arrived to a meet we arranged with law enforcement in Riverside, California. Nebens had played a paranoid and predatorial game for weeks with our contributor, Jay Alternative. Finally, he arrived to a meet with law enforcement. At that point, we realized exactly why he had been so paranoid. It's an amazing story that illustrates just how dangerous these people are. Click here to read about the arrest of Robert Nebens in full detail. It is a case study in how committed some of these individuals are to having sex with an underage child.

    Also, unrelated... each file on is "phone verified" by someone who is over the age of 18 but sounds underage. Often we are asked exactly what one of these files sounds like. The following file is a recording of a phone verification done by one of our verifiers. We must warn you, it is very creepy to listen to. The recording is a little over six minutes in length. Download the recording with this link and listen to the reality of how a male sounds when he thinks he's talking to a twelve year old female whom he thinks he'll get to have sex with.

  • 12/05/05: An update regarding Banditcapt71

    Banditcapt71 aka Ron Rivera was covered recently in the New York Daily News. Rivera, one of the most disturbing cases we've ever come across, is currently serving time for soliciting site contributor Jay Alternative in New York State. The New York Daily News ran an update regarding "The Ultimate Predator" discussing the charges he awaits in Fargo, North Dakota for photographing a sexual encounter he had with a 13 year old boy. We're glad that he will be facing both Federal and State charges in North Dakota and proud that our conversations with Rivera uncovered the extent of his crimes there. View the conviction/investigation report here.

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